cPanel Login

When I created your account I may have given you your cPanel login. Many of my users don’t need one. If I didn’t give you one or you lost yours, email me a request your login username and password. A cPanel account is available for all clients.
To login, go to the URL in your browser. You can bookmark this page for ease of access. You can go there now by clicking this button:
cPanel Login

Encrypted for protection, self-signed to save money

To protect your website, the login link goes to an encrypted login page. This way hackers and packet sniffers cannot get your password when you login. But, I don’t pay the charge to get my certificate signed by a certificate authority. It’s self signed. This is to save me, and you, money.

The encrypted login page protects your information. Your web browser will give you a warning. This is because the encryption certificate is from a source unknown: me! This is a useful security feature. Be concerned if you see this screen when logging in to your bank. Or, any other site that should be able to pay for a certificate authority.

But using the above login link you should expect this warning. When asked, choose to proceed to the website or accept the certificate. Sometimes you have to click ‘advanced’ or ‘details’ to see this option.

On some web browsers they will remember that you are okay with this self signed certificate. Others will prompt you every time. See the examples on this page.


SSL Chrome

Internet Explorer