Hello, World!

Hi. I am Shawn, and I buy reliable webhosting in bulk to sell to clients just starting out or with medium sized websites for their personal needs, their business, social group or charity. Say hello to the world.

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I am a bulk buying web host reseller. That means you get all the benefits of a large, dedicated web host with all the benefits of a small, mom & pop company. I can host your website at affordable rates because I focus on small, growing and mid-sized websites and work with partners through bulk buying to pass the savings on to you. The data-centre I buy from is a fully managed and secured server and uses 150% green energy.


Managed Data Centre

As a reseller, I’m offering a service from a dedicated web hosting company with guaranteed 99.9+% up-time, round the clock on-site security and 24 hour monitoring.

All account come with full FTP, cPanel and MySQL functionality.

Bulk Purchasing

By pooling my clients together I get a more reliable service at a competitive price. I sacrifice the ‘frills’ of other unreliable hosts that offer unlimited packages in return for affordable and reliable hosting.

Environmentally Friendly

The data centers that will host your website use efficient design to lower power consumption, are 150% based on renewable energy, and a flexible work from home program where applicable so that the environmental impact is as low as possible.

Partial Solution hosting.